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Radio show promo. Thursdays 7-9pm EST on the #DigitalAnalogRadio app &

Passport Radio!

Each & every Thursday evening from 7-9pm EST, on our FREE Digital Analog Radio APP, &, we go on a musical ride that can land anywhere! A must listen for music lovers! Below, are just SOME of the shows that have gone down (on another site, but the shows were too dope to let go of!), as well as some newer shows on the home that we've built. Enjoy! (They will be rotated in & out, from time to time)

The Pregame

The Pregame

Fridays & Saturdays from 8-10pm EST (U.S.) on the Digital Analog Radio FREE APP & (laptops, desktops, tablets), myself & partner/co-owner DJ Jimmy Phingaz tag-team the airwaves with flavor to prepare you for your weekend! Allow us to be your soundtrack, while you gear up. logo

**For all shows/random mixes that are not appearing on this page/site, I'm rocking with the good folks on ("Hear This"). Just follow the link above, & you're good. The app is free for you. (here are a few random joints, just to give you a feel of the flavor)**